Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I have one, if you wanna play with someone's uterus, go get your own

I'm amazed!
I'm shocked!
Frankly, I'm just dazed and confused.
I never would have guessed people are interested in my uterus.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about how I should treat it.

The "Church" says "you gotta put a ring on it."
The anti-abortion folks say if I break it, I own it, no returns or exchanges.
The politicians only want to pay for upkeep, not for excessive mileage.
The Pink people, who used to look after my boobies, now wanna have a say in what goes on down there.

I wish these folks were as interested in my mortgage, my gas prices, my grocery bill, my 401K ROI, my local schools, my environment, my voting rights, my food and water supply, my incarcerated, homeless, unemployed, underemployed and chronically ill brothers and sisters.

Isn't there enough stuff on the planet to be concerned with other than what I do with my uterus?


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