Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friends with Benefits

This isn't about what you think...heehee.

This is about the benefits of #agoodgirlfriend.

#agoodgirlfriend says she'll be the designated driver every so often

#agoodgirlfriend shares what she has when you're in need

#agoodgirlfriend tells you when your hair doesn't look as good as you think it does

#agoodgirlfriend let's you know when the dress is too short, too tight and just plain not right for you

#agoodgirlfriend always tells you the truth, no mater how much it hurts

#agoodgirlfriend let's you crash on her couch

#agoodgirlfriend finishes setting up for the party, while you get dressed

#agoodgirlfriend helps you clean up after the party

#agoodgirlfriend keeps your feet on the ground when he's got you on cloud 9

#agoodgirlfriend has your back, your front and both sides if need be

#agoodgirlfriend letd you cry on her shoulder, then lets you know when it's time to stop crying

#agoodgirlfriend spots you for a movie when things are tight

#agoodgirlfriend brings you soup when you're not feeling well

and, #agoodgirlfriend keeps your secrets in the vault
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A single girl... said...

I love this. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have all of my amazing friends. Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

Hear, hear. Great list.

Shannon said...

Thank you ladies. #AGoodGirlfriend is hard to find.

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